The end of an era or a new beginning?

If this works, hopefully I will have successfully imported the old content of my Cloud Cupcake Land blog into the new Crafty Crochet Cakes blog. The era of Cloud Cupcake Land as a business is now officially over and it has returned to being a hobby. I have hung up my professional pinny and have stopped taking orders from the general public. I even remembered to tell HDC so they have taken me off their food business register.

I will still make cakes, I have invested too much time and waaaay too much money on equipment to give it up forever, I just need to hunt down the elusive cakey mojo. Mojo is a funny old thing, one minute it’s there, the next minute, poof, it’s fecked off never to be seen again.

Crochet has definitely replaced cakes as my ‘go to’ which I wasn’t expecting. The hook has been having a rest as well though due to a rocky start to the year (prolapsed disc in neck doesn’t really lend itself well to hobbies that require two working hands and arms!) Thankfully this is about healed so the hook is back in action!

Square one of a baby blanket
The R2D2 cake. It was massive and had a light on it 🙂

I’m working on a baby blanket for a friend at work. I’m also working on a pink and purple poncho….for me! It’s nearly finished, just in time for the warm weather to come back lol. Godson #1 is 9 this week so I am making his cake for the 9th year in a row, this years theme is KFC. I love making cakes for him. Over the years he’s had Nemo (my fave), R2D2, a fully 3D standing dinosaur, a bowling lane and more!

I am determined to start blogging again, I started off with such good intentions! That’s all for today as I’m off to bed now, all the news, media scaremongering and the dreadful pandemic that’s currently occurring has left me feeling very unsettled and weary. Night all and hopefully I’ll be back rambling away soon xx